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EasyWayPro Trucking Consulting Services
EasyWayPro Consulting Services

Trucking industry pain points​

Ensuring driver compliance with safety protocols, managing state permits and licenses, and staying updated with ever-changing regulations adds another layer of difficulty. These compliance burdens not only increase operational costs but also risk penalties and disruptions to business operations.

Discover how our solutions streamline compliance, simplify record-keeping, enhance safety, and reduce costs for trucking.

Consulting Services

EasyWayPro DOT Background Check

DOT Background Check

Build a Team of Top Drivers! 

EasyWayPro's in-depth screening verifies MVRs, PSP records, and Clearinghouse data to ensure CMV qualifications  Hire Top Drivers with Confidence, knowing your drivers have a clean history and contribute to a stellar safety record.  

EasyWayPro DOT Driver Files

DOT Driver Files

Maintain Organized and Compliant Records!
We manage all driver qualification files, including medical certifications, previous employment verification, training records, and licenses. 
We ensure everything is up-to-date and readily available for inspections.   This keeps your fleet compliant and avoids costly delays. 

EasyWayPro Truck Permit Book

Truck Permit Book

Pass Inspections with Ease! 

EasyWayPro ensures complete and organized truck & trailer files using a checklist-based system. 
Manage registration documents, inspection reports, and maintenance records efficiently. This minimizes downtime during inspections and keeps you compliant on the road.  

EasyWayPro Driver Onboarding

Driver Onboarding

Ensure a Smooth and Compliant Start!

EasyWayPro offers a comprehensive Driver Onboarding service to ensure a smooth and compliant process for new hires. Our team assists with all necessary paperwork, qualification verifications, and training completion, guaranteeing your new drivers are ready to hit the road safely and legally.  

EasyWayPro Truck Maintenance Checklist & Service Records

Truck Maintenance Checklist & Service Records

Prevent Breakdowns and Maintain Compliance! 

We help you establish a program with regular inspections, timely repairs, and detailed service records. This keeps your vehicles in top condition, minimizes DOT violations, and reduces downtime.  

EasyWayPro Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs

Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs

Safeguard Your Fleet! 

Our experts simplify program development and implementation, providing comprehensive Drug & Alcohol testing, including random testing monitoring, supervisor training, and compliant recordkeeping. We ensure adherence to DOT regulations, minimizing liability risks for your business.  

EasyWayPro State Permits

State Permits

Permits Made Easy (CT, KY, NY, NM, OR)  

Obtaining the necessary state permits can be a complex process. EasyWayPro takes the hassle out of navigating access requirements by securing all necessary permits, including regular route permits, oversized/overweight permits, and state-specific licenses. Operate smoothly and avoid delays with our expert permit assistance.  

EasyWayPro Truck Driver Safety Training

Truck Driver Safety Training

Improve Driver Performance!  

Accidents can happen, but with EasyWayPro's Truck Driver Safety Training, your drivers can learn from them and improve their performance. We offer targeted training programs that address deficiencies and develop corrective action plans. This promotes a culture of safety and continuous improvement within your fleet.  

EasyWayPro Assistance in Truck & Cargo Liability Insurance

Assistance in Truck & Cargo Liability Insurance

Get the Right Coverage at Competitive Rates!  

Finding the right cargo and liability insurance can be overwhelming. EasyWayPro connects you with top providers and negotiates competitive rates to ensure you get the right coverage to protect your business and cargo. Don't overpay for essential insurance – let us handle the negotiation process for you.  

EasyWayPro FMCSA Data Q Challenge

FMCSA Data Q Challenge

Fight Inaccurate Information! 

DataQs, or inquiries from the FMCSA regarding your CSA data, can be stressful. EasyWayPro deciphers the DataQ mystery and helps you challenge inaccurate information. We work to keep your record spotless and avoid unnecessary audits that can disrupt your business operations.  

EasyWayPro DOT Checks

DOT Checks

Be Prepared for Inspections!  

Regular DOT compliance checks are a fact of life in the trucking industry. EasyWayPro helps you prepare with confidence by reviewing documentation, conducting mock inspections, and ensuring your vehicles are road-ready. Avoid surprises and costly delays during DOT inspections with our comprehensive preparation services.  

EasyWayPro IFTA Calculation & Filing

IFTA Calculation & Filing

Eliminate the Headache of Fuel Tax Reporting!  

Fuel tax reporting, especially with varying rates by state and vehicle, can be a complex and time-consuming process. EasyWayPro takes the burden off your shoulders by handling complex fuel tax calculations for all your trucks, state by state. We ensure accurate and timely IFTA filings, saving you time, money, and stress on the road to compliance.  

EasyWayPro CSA Scores

CSA Scores

Drive Towards Safety Excellence! 

Maintaining a stellar Carrier Safety Administration (CSA) score is critical for any fleet. EasyWayPro equips you with the tools to achieve safety excellence. Proactive maintenance reminders within the app ensure your vehicles are in top condition, while comprehensive safety training modules keep drivers up-to-date on best practices. These features and streamlined compliance functionalities contribute to a lower CSA score, potentially reducing insurance premiums and a safer overall operation.  

EasyWayPro DOT Safety Audit

DOT Safety Audit

Breeze Through Inspections with Confidence!

EasyWayPro empowers you to conquer DOT safety audits with flying colors. Our app provides instant access to crucial documentation, including driver qualification files, vehicle maintenance records, and safety training completion records. With everything organized and readily available for inspectors, you can breeze through audits and minimize downtime.

EasyWayPro Claims Management

Claims Management

Expert Support Beyond Screening!

Our commitment goes beyond background checks. EasyWayPro provides your managers with the tools and resources they need to effectively support drivers on the road. In emergency situations, our team offers real-time guidance and assistance, helping drivers navigate challenges and minimize potential fines. This comprehensive support system empowers your team to confidently handle unexpected situations, ensuring the safety and well-being of your drivers and cargo.  

of Partnering with EasyWayPro

EasyWayPro Increased profitability

Increased profitability

Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximize revenue. Our data-driven approach identifies areas for optimization, like fuel usage and route planning. We help you minimize empty miles and find profitable business opportunities, boosting your bottom line.

EasyWayPro Improved safety

Improved safety

Create a safety culture within your company with our comprehensive approach. We help implement training programs that enhance driver skills and reduce accidents. Lower insurance premiums and improved driver morale are just some of the benefits you'll see from a safer fleet.

EasyWayPro Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Focus on other aspects of your operation knowing your business complies with all DOT regulations. Our team of experts stays up-to-date and guides you through compliance complexities. We ensure you operate with confidence and avoid costly penalties.

EasyWayPro Dedicated support

Dedicated support

Our team is always available to answer your questions and provide ongoing support. We're with you every step of the way, offering guidance and expertise to overcome challenges and optimize your trucking operation.

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Ensure compliance and peace of mind with our Basic Safety Consulting plan for trucking companies
$ 119 active driver/mon
  • DQ files
  • Hiring
  • Background Screening
  • Trainings
  • Permits

On demand services

Access legal support anytime with our On-Demand Assistance Plan.
$ 49 starting
  • DataQ
  • Claims
  • Tickets
  • Roadside inspections
  • IFTA filling & Calculation

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