Truck Files: Master Your Truck Driver Permit Book & Checklist with EasyWayPro!

Staying organized and compliant on the road is crucial for any trucker. But keeping track of all the essential documents – registrations, permits, inspections, insurance – can be a real headache.

EasyWayPro Consulting simplifies truck document management with our secure and efficient system. We take the burden off your shoulders by organizing all your vital documents in one central location - Truck Folder, accessible anytime, anywhere. This creates a comprehensive Truck Driver Permit Book, eliminating the need to search for loose papers.

We also provide a Truck Permit Book Checklist, ensuring you have everything you need for smooth operation and compliance checks.

EasyWayPro Truck Permit Book

Here's a closer look
at the key Truck & Trailer documents EasyWayPro manages for your trucks

Truck Registration

EasyWayPro Truck Registration

This document proves your right to the truck and verifies it meets all state registration requirements. 

EasyWayPro ensures your registration is always up-to-date, avoiding fines and delay

Annual Inspection

EasyWayPro DOT Annual Inspection

Maintaining a safe and roadworthy vehicle is essential. 
Our service helps you stay on top of your annual inspections, keeping your truck compliant with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Physical Damage Insurance

EasyWayPro Physical Damage Insurance

Accidents happen. Physical damage insurance protects your truck from financial loss at the point of collision, theft, or vandalism. 
Our managers can assist you in reviewing your coverage and ensuring you have the right protection.

IFTA License (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

EasyWayPro IFTA License (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

IFTA License (International Fuel Tax Agreement):
If you operate in multiple states, you likely need an IFTA License. This license allows you to pre-pay fuel taxes, avoiding the hassle of reporting fuel usage in each state you travel through.

UCR (Unified Carrier Registration)

EasyWayPro UCR (Unified Carrier Registration)

The UCR is a single registration program for interstate motor carriers transporting regulated commodities. 
Our Consulting company can determine if you require a UCR and assist with the registration process.

MC Authority Certificate Copy (Motor Carrier Authority)

EasyWayPro MC Authority Certificate Copy (Motor Carrier Authority)

This document proves your authorization to operate as a commercial motor carrier transporting certain goods across state lines. 
We are professionals and can help you understand the requirements for obtaining an MC Authority and managing your certificate copy.

ELD Instruction (Electronic Logging Device)

EasyWayPro ELD Instruction (Electronic Logging Device)

Federal regulations mandate the use of ELDs for many commercial motor vehicles. EasyWay Consulting provides clear and concise instructions on operating and maintaining your ELD, ensuring compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.

(State-Specific Permits): CT, KY, NM, NY, OR

EasyWayPro (State-Specific Permits): CT, KY, NM, NY, OR

Several states require additional permits for specific types of trucking operations or oversized/overweight loads. 
Our Consulting company stays updated on state-specific permit requirements and can assist you in obtaining the necessary permits for your travel routes.

Accident Reporting

EasyWayPro Accident Reporting

Accidents are stressful, and proper reporting is critical. 
EasyWayPro guides accident reporting procedures and helps ensure you have the necessary documentation readily available in your Truck Folder.

EasyWayPro Truck Lease Agreement

Truck Lease Agreement

Whether you're a lessee or lessor, having a clear and comprehensive truck lease agreement protects both parties. 
We can help you understand the terms of your lease agreement and ensure it covers all essential aspects.

Stay Compliant and Organized with EasyWayPro

Stay Compliant and Organized with EasyWayPro!

Don't let paperwork headaches slow you down on the road. 

Partner with EasyWayPro Consulting and experience the peace of mind of having all your essential truck documents organized, accessible, and up-to-date in your comprehensive Truck Driver Permit Book.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can handle the stress of truck document management!




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