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Navigating the complexities of trucking permissions across various states can be time-consuming, frustrating, and lead to costly delays.

EasyWayPro Consulting simplifies this process, offering a comprehensive service to save time and money and ensure regulatory compliance.

EasyWayPro Trucking Permits by State
EasyWayPro Streamline Your Trucking Permits by State

Effortless Permitting: Focus on Your Core Business

Oversized & Overweight Load Permits
Eliminate the hassle of researching and securing permissions for wide-load, heavy-haul, or oversized cargo. EasyWayPro ensures your shipments comply with all

 Weight Distance Permits: OR, NM, KY, NY
Our platform consolidates all necessary permits for a smooth and compliant trucking operation. Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and hello to efficient permit management!

Easy WayPro Navigating the complexities of trucking permissions across various states can be time-consuming, frustrating, and lead to costly delays

Beyond Oversized Loads:
A Comprehensive Permitting Solution

Managing the complexities of DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations can be overwhelming. EasyWayPro Consulting simplifies the process by offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the specific needs of trucking companies and drivers

EasyWayPro Oversize Permits

Oversize Permits

Build a Team of Top Drivers!! 

EasyWayPro's in-depth screening verifies MVRs, PSP records, and Clearinghouse data to ensure CMV qualifications  Hire Top Drivers with Confidence, knowing your drivers have a clean history and contribute to a stellar safety record.  

EasyWayPro Overweight Permits

 Overweight Permits

Stay Compliant with Organized Driver Qualifications! 

We manages all driver qualification files, including medical certifications, previous employment verification, training records, and licenses. 
We ensure everything is up-to-date and readily available for inspections.   This keeps your fleet compliant and avoids costly delays.  

EasyWayPro Over-height Permits

Over-height Permits

Pass Inspections with Ease! 

EasyWayPro ensures complete and organized truck & trailer files using a checklist-based system. 
Manage registration documents, inspection reports, and maintenance records efficiently. This minimizes downtime during inspections and keeps you compliant on the road. 

EasyWayPro Overlength Permits

Overlength Permits

Stay Updated & Compliant with Organized Company Files! 

We manages all your DOT documents, including operating authority, insurance information, safety manuals, MCS-150, FORM 2290, and UCR updates. 
We ensure everything is readily available for inspections and keep you up-to-date on regulations for smooth implementation.  

EasyWayPro Overwidth Permits

Overwidth Permits

Stay Updated & Compliant with Organized Company Files! 

EasyWayPro simplifies program development and implementation. Get comprehensive Drug/Alcohol testing, including random testing monitoring, supervisor training, and compliant recordkeeping. 
We ensure DOT adherence, minimizing liability risks  

EasyWayPro Heavy Haul Permits

Heavy Haul Permits

Prevent Breakdowns & Stay Compliant with Proactive Maintenance! 

EasyWayPro helps establish a program with regular inspections, timely repairs, and detailed service records.  
This keeps your vehicles safe, avoids DOT violations, and minimizes downtime.  

Weight Distance Permits

Are you operating in states with weight distance taxes KY, NM, NY, OR, CT?
EasyWayPro helps you navigate the intricacies:

EasyWayPro Compliance Assurance

Kentucky (KY)

Weight distance permission in Kentucky is a one-time purchase for qualifying vehicles exceeding 59,999 lbs. However, any changes to your truck's configuration necessitate authorized updates. Our team ensures you have the right license and maintains up-to-date records for seamless operation.

EasyWayPro Compliance Assurance

New Mexico (NM)

New Mexico requires weight distance permits for vehicles exceeding 26,000 lbs., with mandatory annual renewals. EasyWayPro streamlines the renewal process, keeping you compliant and avoiding interruptions.

EasyWayPro Compliance Assurance

New York (NY):

Weight distance permits in New York are mandatory for all trucks over 18,000 lbs. and to revival every three years. 
Our experts ensure your licenses remain valid, preventing costly delays.

EasyWayPro Compliance Assurance

Oregon (OR):

Oregon mandates weight distance permits for vehicles exceeding 26,000 lbs. We can assist you in establishing an account, filing mileage reports electronically, and choosing between permanent or one-time authorizes that best suit your operational needs.

EasyWayPro Compliance Assurance

Connecticut (CT):

CT utilizes a weight distance permit system. EasyWayPro assists you in navigating the specific requirements and ensures you possess the proper licenses for operating within the state.

Fuel Permits

A fuel permit is a type of trucking permit that grants temporary travel authority for a private or commercial carrier in a province or state where the carrier is not considered to be an active member of the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) program or doesn’t have an IFTA sticker.

EasyWayPro Fuel Permits

When Should I Obtain a Fuel Permit? 

You have to obtain a fuel permit when you are traveling from your base state or province into another municipality without an IFTA sticker and when the following standards apply:

The gross vehicle/combination exceeds 26,000 lbs. of registered weight

The vehicle (power unit only) is traveling on 3 or more axles

The vehicle is returning to its base jurisdiction without a sticker (not always).



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